Private Property Agent: Buying and Renting Property Now Easy


Concerned by the rising trend of fake property agents, Danasi Homes connects house owners and sellers with buyers as well as those looking to rent apartments has taken over as a property agent to make the experience safer, faster and memorable for you.

This new model connects homeowners directly with those looking to buy or rent an apartment or house. Renting an apartment, buying a home or selling a property in Lagos can prove difficult and sometimes messy if not professionally handled by professionals in the Nigerian real estate space.

Guess what? Renting, buying and selling property should be easy! You can buy or rent directly online with Danasi Homes. Below are benefits of dealing directly with Danasi Homes rather than property agents.

  • It is safer
  • It is more convenient
  • It saves time
  • It gives you access to more properties
  • It helps you negotiate better deals
  • It provides you with local market property trends